Dynamic Module Snippet for Ruby
June 12, 2024 ruby snippet

Worrying and decision making
May 8, 2024 psychology philosophy decision

Styling emails
May 6, 2024 html

Backblaze Safety Freeze and Disk Utility Errors
April 9, 2024 infrastructure

Rails configuration policies
March 31, 2024 ruby rails architecture

Rails migration extensions
March 28, 2024 ruby rails postgres

Network timeout settings
March 28, 2024 ruby rails networking infrastructure

Rclone tips and tricks
February 25, 2024 shell snippet

On Sublime Text Ruby Integrations
November 14, 2023 ruby rails minitest decision rspec sublimetext

Browserslist: caniuse-lite is outdated
October 10, 2023 ruby rails javascript

Opinion on explicit vs implicit types
September 7, 2023 architecture principle decision psychology philosophy

Print Rails db schema or structure
August 26, 2023 ruby rails snippet postgres bash shell

Authorize.net’s Ruby client
August 15, 2023 ruby architecture

Ruby pg gem segfault
August 8, 2023 ruby rails postgres

Rails admin UI research
August 5, 2023 ruby rails decision

Remove Logitech Circle View Doorbell
August 1, 2023 homekit

Serve static files in Rails
August 1, 2023 ruby rails snippet

Finding good names
July 22, 2023 architecture

Postgres WITH Optimization Fence
July 21, 2023 postgres

SaveIf concern for Rails optimistic locking without lock_version
July 14, 2023 ruby rails snippet

MIT License
July 14, 2023

Camelize JSON keys in Rails
July 13, 2023 ruby rails snippet

GemPatch: monkeypatch rubygems responsibly
July 11, 2023 ruby rails snippet principle

Helper for creating table and model in Rails tests
July 9, 2023 ruby rails snippet

VSCode thoughts as a Sublime user
June 23, 2023 decision

Support rails generator testing in Rspec
June 16, 2023 ruby rails rspec snippet

Editor Testing Checklist
June 16, 2023

Choosing a Rails API documentation generator
May 18, 2023 decision ruby rails

Airthings radon detector discrepancy
January 22, 2023

Typical Call Availability
January 10, 2023

Fish vs Zsh
January 1, 2023 shell decision

Find out RAM timings (like CAS) and manufacturer on Ubuntu
December 10, 2022 snippet shell bash

Transferring files over ssh with scp
December 6, 2022 snippet shell bash

Working with systemd units
December 6, 2022 snippet shell bash

Inspect and install a deb package
December 6, 2022 snippet shell bash

Compiling Go binary for Linux when on a Mac with Apple Silicon
December 6, 2022 snippet shell bash golang

Assertion assert_enqueued_email_with with matcher support
December 3, 2022 ruby rails snippet minitest

Should I use Rails CurrentAttributes, callbacks, and suppressors?
November 22, 2022 ruby rails architecture decision

Rails app tests, linters, and verifiers
November 20, 2022 ruby rails decision

HTPC hardware specs
November 18, 2022

Preferences for Rubocop ruby formatting
November 17, 2022 ruby rails snippet decision

Focus on limiting damage from errors
November 16, 2022 principle psychology

Nova App thoughts as a Sublime user
November 12, 2022 decision

Reliable communication allows for simpler interfaces
November 10, 2022 architecture principle

Ingressive vs congressive
November 9, 2022 psychology philosophy

Procfile.dev docker postgres
November 1, 2022 bash foreman snippet postgres

Install command line tools on MacOS
November 1, 2022 bash snippet

Ruby barewords are insidious
October 31, 2022 ruby snippet principle architecture

A way to enforce contracts in Portrayal rubygem
October 31, 2022 ruby snippet

Custom Puma executable for a Ruby app
October 31, 2022 ruby snippet

Write stories not lines
October 31, 2022 architecture principle

Dialog closing UI in web apps
October 31, 2022 decision principle

Database viewers for MacOS
October 31, 2022 decision

Underscore ruby strings
October 30, 2022 ruby snippet

Iterate over sorted enumerables preserving order
October 30, 2022 ruby snippet

Number of binaries is orthogonal to code organization
October 30, 2022 principle architecture

How my LaunchD demon was setup
October 30, 2022 snippet bash shell plist

Hiera makes Terraform DRY
October 30, 2022 infrastructure architecture terraform

Hashing algorithm for uniqueness and speed
October 30, 2022 principle ruby

Camelize (camel case) ruby string
October 30, 2022 ruby snippet