Airthings radon detector discrepancy

I bought a new Airthings View Plus, and out of the box it was showing radon on the screen in wrong units (Bq/m3 instead of pCi/L), while the iOS app wouldn’t show me anything at all for 3 days. Nothing on the screen indicates units, so it’s correct to assume that a detector sold in US on Amazon would be using pCi/L. (I didn’t even know there was another possible unit at the time.)

This caused great distress, because numbers on the screen were in 30s. Anything above 4 pCi/L is considered hazardous. Radon 20 pCi/L is as carcinogenic as smoking 40 cigarettes per day.

Biggest issue is that Airthings support never mentioned wrong units, and instead pasted a canned response with details on how the radon sensor works. They proceeded to never respond to my follow up messages.

I published details about this problem in my reddit post. Also left an Amazon review.

January 22, 2023